Company purchase

Are you interested in purchasing a company? We are able to provide comprehensive advice for your planned company purchase in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Our services include all of the process steps associated with a company purchase, from the search for suitable target companies, to the targeting measures themselves, company valuation and conduct of negotiations, right through to the conclusion of a transaction. Our experienced specialists know all about the operating business as well as what is needed around the negotiating table, ensuring that both investors as well as sellers can get together and enjoy the best possible feeling in doing so.


Our broad network and multi award-winning Business Exchange Portal provides us with contacts in virtually all industries. When we are given mandates (including cross-border mandates), we are able to revert to our local partners, who have the best connections in their local markets and are able to strike the right note when addressing potential target companies.

Post-purchase process

The initial position and motivation of a buyer may differ greatly; in the case of private individuals, they will have certain expectations such as autonomy, a more fulfilling type of work or the opportunity to be able to actively influence their capital or returns. For companies, these expectations are mostly growth targets. We are able to assist in both scenarios. The potential service elements we are able to provide in our assistance can therefore be tweaked accordingly in a variable manner. Activities, such as determining a search profile, targeting, valuation, drafting a Letter of Intent (LOI) and conducting negotiations, are some of the tasks that we are repeatedly carrying out on your behalf.