Company valuation

If you are looking to change the ownership structures in your company, you should arrange for your business to be valued according to generally applicable and market standard principles. Although this may be standard procedure for large companies, this requires greater consideration of the conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises.


A detailed factual analysis and/or research on the company to be valued and relevant market environment form the basis of the con|cess company valuation. We will use this company analysis and plausible company planning based on said analysis as the basis for drawing up our independent and objective valuations, which take into account the special features of the respective company and the industry in question when calculating the company value calculation, and go far beyond the often purely fiscal figures derived from the balance sheet, P&L statement and monthly business analysis. The company valuation is performed based on the latest company valuation methods, including in particular the German income approach and discounted cash flow method (DCF method) based on the IDW S1 standard.

Company value calculator

How much is your company worth?

Would you like to know right now how much you might expect to receive if you were to sell your company? Our company value calculator can provide you with a rough answer to this question. This estimate does not take into account the special features of your company. This would require a professional valuation.


Company value calculator

Further information

Several con|cess partners are Certified Value Analysts (CVAs) and legally certified.